No Australian wants to say goodbye

Global warming is threatening the places, species and Australian lifestyle we love. The places that we want our kids and their kids to explore and love and marvel at – like we did.

Places like the Great Barrier Reef.

Global warming – driven by the mining and burning of fossil fuels like coal – saw water temperatures on the Reef soar this summer. Across the whole reef 22% of coral bleached and died, and in far north Queensland 50% of coral was killed.

We’ve got the solutions to stop dangerous global warming.

We need to stop mining and burning fossil fuels like coal, and spending billions of dollars subsidising declining old-energy industries. We need to invest in our future - in clean renewable energy, like solar and wind.

It’s not time to say goodbye. This election, demand the policies that will save our Reef.


Here’s how the major parties’ climate change policies rate as at 27 June 2016.

The Liberal–National Coalition

Australian Labor Party

The Greens

A target and plan to net-zero carbon pollution

100% clean renewable energy plan

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